Ambitions & means

The means of ambition

«Our goal? Provide patients who currently do not have easy access to hospitals, with tests for the diagnosing of infectious diseases and tools that are adapted to their economic circumstances and to the constraints of the environment in which they live»

Worldwide, 12 million deaths are attributed to infectious diseases each year, almost all in low-income and emerging countries.

The ability of these countries to treat such diseases are insufficient, due to:

  • Diagnostic tests and treatments costs often higher than in Europe.
  • The weakness of health infrastructuresand  samples transportation networks
  • The limited numberof qualified healthcare personnel

To respond to this emergency and offer innovative diagnosis strategies for appropriate treatment, Omunis has:

  • The energy of a team composed of its founding members, all with complementary skills
  • Theexpertise of a high-levelled and specialized scientific council
  • The active support ofa network of academic partners, both medical and industrial.

Omunis has won the 2013 national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies (BPIFrance / Ministry of Higher Education and Research)

Omunis has the status of Young Innovative Company.