Open and polyvalent molecular biology platforms

Make real-time PCR analysis available to all

“Open versatile platforms provide additional innovative response to integrated systems. They are adapted to the needs of countries with limited resources to measure viral load in routine. “
                                                     Projet OPP-ERA

Indeed, the OPP-ERA project demonstrated that open platforms are a real solution in a context of weak health infrastructures, inversely to closed and proprietary diagnostic solutions widely used in rich countries. Today, these platforms are virtually nonexistent, and even when the hardware is available, particularly in Africa, the quality of these “low-cost” products are much inferior to the equipment used in Europe. In addition, the lack of support and access to technical training limits the capacity of health personnel to use this equipment.

Omunis decided to build a completely dedicated offer to these open platforms to enable health facilities be introduced in a non-equipped laboratory. We are able to provide equipment, consumables and reagents, staff technical training, quality control and monitoring, over the long term.

For infectious diseases, the only way to assess the need for starting treatment of infected individuals, or to assess the effectiveness of treatments, is to confirm the presence of the pathogen. For this, the technique consisting in measuring the viral load by real-time PCR remains the gold standard. The use of this technique is even more crucial since the therapeutic management of patients with HIV is free in many countries (funded by the Global Fund).

Our goal is to allow genuine ownership of the real-time PCR technology, the use of equipment and supply management by health facilities themselves.

Our ambition is to provide quality products with an optimum cost/effectiveness ratio to allow all willing laboratories worldwide total freedom of establishment and use of the PCR technique in real-time.