Real-Time PCR

Universal molecular diagnotic - Open platforms

“The universal reagents and molecular biology tests to be used on open platforms foster dissemination and wider sharing, faster and at lower cost tools and knowledge essential to the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases.”

Omunis develops a range of universal real-time PCR kits for blood diagnosis of infectious diseases (bacteria, viruses, parasites). These kits are designed to be used on most existing open thermocyclers and are already implanted in the field.

This test model is diametrically differing from that observed in developed countries where access to free of charge machines is often preferred, and where diagnosis kits are sold at high prices and specifically tailored to some machines and unusable by others (proprietary reagents – the “Nespresso” model).

In countries where patients generally do not have health insurance, and must pay the full price of analyses, treatments and medicines provided to them, the Omunis kits for open platform thus better meet the specific needs of the various health systems.