Founders and Leadership

Complementary skills, scientific accuracy, hospital & industrial references

Pierre-Alain RUBBO, PhD


A scientist with an international experience and a double competence in the field of creation and management of innovative companies, Pierre-Alain started in the “Pathogenesis Research Laboratory and Control of Chronic Infections – PCCI” unit, UMR1058 Montpellier, France (University of Montpellier, INSERM and Etablissement Français du Sang – Director Prof. Philippe Van de Perre). Pierre-Alain contributed to translational and clinical laboratory collaborative studies in the field of immunology and infectious diseases, including in interactions with partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US. Passionate about public health issues and the fight against infectious diseases in developing countries, Pierre-Alain is Chairman of Omunis since its creation in April 2014.


The company has strong hospital references thanks to the presence among its founders of Edouard Tuaillon. Physician, researcher and expert in the field of infectious diseases and diagnosis, Edouard is a lecturer in bacteriology and virology, a member of the PCCI laboratory and hospital practitioner at the Montpellier University Hospital. Edouard is particularly co-managing the “Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovation” research theme in the PCCI laboratory and he is an expert for various national and international organizations in health diagnosis and infectious diseases management. Edouard chairs the Scientific Board of the company.

Jean-François Bloch, PharmD

A pharmacist and a specialist in industrial property (IP) and Entrepreneurship, Jean-François has an industrial experience of more than 25 years. First the Head of IP department in ORIS Group (Biomedical subsidiary of CEA), he was in 1998 a founder and, until 2012, the Deputy CEO in charge of IP licensing agreements at Protéus, an industrial biotechnology company based in Nimes, France. He is currently the President of the IP consulting firm StartingBloch. He is registered on the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) since 1993 and since 1997 on the Community trademark officers list (OHMPI).